Case Studies

Co-operative College

Founded in 1919, the Co-operative College is an educational charity based in Manchester. The College works with learners and co-operatives all over the world, from schoolchildren to African worker co-operatives. Its five key areas of work are: developing members and managers, working with co-operatives globally, learning from our heritage, working with schools and young people, and research on the co-operative sector.

The College works with all the major co-operative societies in the UK and delivers programmes of training and education around the world to help individuals and groups achieve the level of skill, knowledge and understanding required to translate ideals into effective practice. In the UK, the College is developing new models to run schools as co-operatives.

The College has developed a broad range of partnerships to support its work with organisations that include NGOs, colleges, universities and other training providers around the world, and it is always building partnerships with new organisations to help build successful co-operative and mutual businesses. In Africa, for example, the College is working with co-operative colleges in eight countries to modernise their curriculum and teaching methods, and help them reorient themselves towards supporting co-operatives enterprise.