UK Society for Co-operative Studies

The Society is an independent voluntary organisation, registered as a charity, based in the UK. It welcomes into membership, co-operative members, employees, managers, specialist practitioners, academics and others who share an interest in the UK and world co-operative movement.

We seek to advance the education of members and the public on all aspects of the co-operative movement, co-operative forms of structure, and, in particular to commission, identify, and publish research on the co-operative movement, and the exchange of information and experience on co-operative study and research.

Since its inauguration in the 1960s, the Society has produced a regular journal, and held a yearly conference, bringing together academics and co-operative practitioners to discuss issues of interest.

Co-operative research does not have a sufficient profile and it is one of the main aims of the Society to improve communication and links between researcher working in this and related fields.

To this end we have begun to develop a database of co-operative researchers, and we also have a page suggesting journals where authors might consider publishing their papers. The Society also links co-operative researchers via conferences and other events.