Supporters Direct

"Our goal is to promote sustainable spectator sports clubs based on supporters' involvement & community ownership"

Supporters Direct help fans form trusts by offering advice on how to get it off the ground. We ensure that as many supporters get involved as possible. Having worked with fans setting up over 160 trusts since 2000, we advise fans on what works and what doesn't and give examples of good ideas from other places.

As the fans who get involved are volunteers, it's important that they don't get disheartened or feel they wasted time on something that hasn't delivered. We help them avoid going up blind alleys and instead spend their time on things that will be positive and make a difference. We also take some of the load off their hands, as we have full-time staff who are at the end of a phone to advise if needed.

What do we do?

  • Supporters Direct campaigns for the wider recognition of the social, cultural and economic value of sports clubs
  • Sports clubs and competitions are increasingly being put at risk by short-term vested interests, poor financial management and inadequate standards of governance; we are the UK's leading body working to ensure that clubs are run responsibly and are financially sustainable
  • Supporters Direct aims to create the conditions in which supporters can secure influence and ownership of sports clubs
  • Supporters Direct provides guidance and support to groups in more than 16 countries throughout Europe
  • Supporters Direct promotes the value of supporter ownership to sports fans, empowering them to set up supporters' trusts or become members of existing trusts
  • Supporters Direct is a community benefit society, owned by its members