Our Life Limited

The Wellebing and Health Campaign

Our Life is the North West campaign for wellbeing and health. We aim to identify and tackle barriers to better wellbeing and health across the region by mobilising individuals and organisations to campaign for changes to policy and business practices.

We believe that the current health environment is acting as an impediment to making healthier choices easier and is leading to more ill health across our region. We were set up to challenge and address the unhealthy environment facing the citizens of the North West.

We campaign; we engage the public; we talk to opinion formers; we make our views known in the media and we also push hard for the changes we need to support better wellbeing and health across the North West.

As a charitable community benefit society and social enterprise, Our Life works in partnership with the NHS, local government, business, voluntary organisations, the public and all those who want to see a health environment that will enable the North West to become one of the healthiest regions in the country.

We like to think of ourselves as health's answer to the environmental lobby and to organisations like Friends of the Earth.

We use evidence-based research and harness public opinion to examine and where necessary promote changes to the policy and regulatory frameworks and business practices to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Critical to our success is harnessing public support. We recognise that without this the big changes we need simply don't happen. Our Life is working hard to galvanise public support around our current campaign priorities of alcohol, food and health inequalities.

Our record

  • Organised The Big Drink Debate, the biggest ever survey on alcohol in the North West, which revealed that most people in the region think low price and discounts are fuelling our unhealthy drinking culture
  • Orchestrated a campaign to get positive support from the public and key workers for the Government's proposed Code of Practice for Alcohol Retailers. The Code was passed by parliament in March 2010
  • Coordinated joint advocacy activities with the region's directors of public health to call for the introduction of a minimum unit price to end to the sale of cheap alcohol
  • Organised a joint project, Reaching Out, with NHS North West and Pfizer UK, to understand how the NHS and others can best support people living on very low incomes to lead healthier lives
  • Harnessed North West public opinion to help stop the product placement of junk food, alcohol or gambling on UK television programmes
  • Highlighted the role that positive mental wellbeing plays in people's health in the North West
  • Organising a campaign for a fairer food system, ‘Talking Food: Taking Action', which is giving people a real say about the kind of food system that they want to see in the region