Manchester Creative Collective

A Creative Catalyst for Community Action

We support unrelated projects with similar goals relating to ecosystem regeneration and informal learning.

  • We see the need of a knowledge network for communities, co-operatives and corporations to collaborate on mutually beneficial projects and designs for our city.

Our company aims to help local communities and government in creative and cultural social development and policy design, a set up for direct communication providing qualitative and quantitative information that is directly generated by the public to those governing the city.

Two Defining Statements:

  • “MCC is both a community interest collective and on-line portal . MCC will exist to encourage collective Intelligence made possible by the cross-combination of multiple creative public and academic networks. The sharing and experimenting of ideas and approaches to address a broad range of practical and aesthetic concerns, including access to tools, resources, living and work space, exhibition opportunities for anyone who wishes to realise a creative idea.”


  • “The end result of the negotiations with the city and it’s cultural liaisons (community, institution, corporate) will create a space that will grow into a visible non academic “think tank”; a forum for creative ideas to come to life and enhance the city’s dynamism and value which actively pursues temporary or permanent public events and establishes direct communication between the officials and the citizens of the city; mutually beneficial governance.”

Manchester Creative Collective was created from a coffee shop conversation a collective of people with notions on participatory methodology and design which grew to create a Creative Think Tank who still enjoyed coffee, cake and conversation.

MCC became an online discussion collective who met monthly in organised meetings moderated and minuted, circulated and unfortunately by April of 2009 had lost all momentum of any designs on community Activism. It was quickly realised that an active community involves a network that needs to be able to be self determining and dynamic but in a social space. A system was needed that was a centrally focused forum of communication where all members could input content or ideas but the aim was without a centrally controlled or coordinated group but to develop an organic self management system.

Ethos and Sense of Place came with a primary purpose; a collective concerned with mapping social dynamism and space to combine networks which have a presence both in the surrounding community and on-line.