The Kitchen

The Kitchen is a vegetarian community cafe that opened in October 2010. It is based in Bolton town centre, north of Manchester and provides tasty and healthy cafe meals and catering whilst supporting other local food projects and producers. It also aims to provide training and education for refugees and asylum seekers along with community development, cohesion, and education.

The Kitchen aims to promote healthy eating as a means of preventing ill
health through diseases such as heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

The Kitchen serves low-cost ingredients in a sustainable, healthy and tasty form in order to offer an alternative to the present notions of unhealthy cheap food with its previously hidden health and environmental costs. Fruit and vegetable excess will be composted on local community gardens to make compost. The Kitchen uses environmentally-friendly products for take-away food as well.

The cafe has grown out of the patient work of food activists involved
in local projects and networks such as the community food gardens, with their members' concerns about food traceability.

The Kitchen is a not-for-profit social enterprise and workers’ co-operative.
The staff consists of vegetarians, vegans and meat-reducers.

As well as being a retail outlet, it will also be an information centre for local produce and neighbourhood initiatives such as community gardens and healthy cooking classes.