Co-operative & Mutual Solutions

Co-operative and Mutual Solutions has been working with Co-operative and Social Enterprises for many years. We are a worker Co-operative ourselves with a passion for values based, member led businesses. Our directors are active in their local communities and in the Co-operative movement regionally and nationally.

We work with new start businesses, those that are established and want to grow and groups of people in transformation/looking to transfer. We have experience of supporting communities take over a local service; workers purchase the business they work for (from the owner), public sector workers transfer into a co-op or mutual and groups of small businesses to collaborate (so that they can be bigger than they are individually).

We can help you with business and financial planning, market research and marketing, designing a new organisation, legal and governance structures, becoming investment ready particularly (but not solely) if you are thinking of raising finance through a community share issue and last but not least, setting up effective systems.

For contact details and to meet the team please visit our website: