Co-operative Business Consultants

CBC is dedicated to helping trading co-operatives to start up, grow and thrive. CBC has steadily built an excellent reputation as the co-operative consultancy of first choice, since it was founded in 2002. We offer a high quality range of consultancy services including advice, mentoring, training, research, business planning, reliable referrals and free advice for the first hour.

We have decades of front-line co-operative enterprise experience in the UK and overseas including at SUMA, Olive Co-operative, Cafe Direct, the Co-operative Group and the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). Our members include Bob Cannell CFIPD, (HR and governance specialist), Jo Bird (start up, income generation and community shares specialist), Martin Meteyard (growth, large co-op and Fair Trade specialist) and Iain Macdonald (former Director General of the ICA). Our clients include the Co-operative Enterprise Hub, Co-operative & Mutual Solutions, Co-operatives North West, Co-operative Development Scotland, ICA Expo and many more.