Carers’ Union

Carers’ Union exists to campaign for better rights, support and information on behalf of all carers in the UK. It will carry their voice into every arena, local and national, where issues that affect them are being discussed. It will work with parliament, local authorities, primary care trusts, NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, other health bodies, the voluntary, charity and faith sectors, and all other relevant bodies.

Carers’ Union is a co-operative that offers its members free, independent information and advice. It is based in Merseyside, Greater Manchester.

Carers in the UK are a genuine workforce and an essential part of the economy, saving an estimated £119bn a year. Yet at present they are only represented by charities and voluntary organisations. This , Carers' Union believes, is the time for carers to unite, to act and speak as one.

Carers’ Union sees care as an essential part of daily life, something we need to put a higher value on, and will campaign for higher standards in care and proper recognition of unpaid carers and the services they provide. As individual carers we can’t expect to change the way things are – together Carers' Union can be effective.